CDs and Such

Before Beginning — $15.00

Down in the Milltown / Love Is Our Cross to Bear / Geza’s Wailing Ways / I Know / Out of My Mind / Downtown Tonight / Blues Palace / Winter Cows / Branching Out / I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair

Bright Side of Down, Red House Records, 2014 — $15.00

Autographed by John!

bright_side_of_down Holed Up Mason City/ Bright Side of Down/ High Horse/ More Than One/ She’s That Kind of Mystery/ Outnumbered/ Don’t Judge a Life/ Honeybee/ Procrastination Blues/ Thirstier Wind Mind to Think/ Really Spring

Red Horse, Red House Records, 2010 — $15.00

redhorsecover A group project with Eliza Gilkyson and Lucy Kaplansky on Red House Records – autographed by John only

I am a Child / Scorpion/Wild Horse/Promise Me/Don’t Mind Me/Sanctuary/Coshieville/Blue Chalk/ Forget To Breathe/If These Walls Could Talk/Walk Away From Love/Wayfaring Stranger

So Dark You See, Red House Records, 2009 — $15.00


so-dark-you-see-big1 A Fond Kiss / Whole Wide World / Can’t Get Over It / Fret One / Ignorance & Privilege / I Think of You / Where No Monument Stands / Night Into Day / Fret Not / Live by the Sword / Trouble in Mind / The Dutchman / Mr. Chambers / That Was the Year / Diminishing Winds

John Gorka, The Gypsy Life, AIX Collectors Edition DVD, AIX Records, 2007

gypsy_life $45.00 includes shipping (in the U.S.) autographed Second Printing!

Branching Out/ Stranger With Your Hair/ Let Them In /Mean Streak/Flying Red Horse/Snow Don’t Fall/When She Kisses Me/Mercy of the Wheels/I’m From New Jersey/Italian Girls Writing in the Margins/Love is Our Cross to Bear/Houses in the Fields/Land of the Bottom Line/Always/Road of Good Intentions/Blue Chalk/Lightning’s Blues/The Gypsy Life

Writing in the Margins, Red House Records, 2006 — $15.00


writing_in_the_margins Chance of Rain/Broken Place/Satellites/Writing in the Margins/Snow Don’t Fall/Bluer State/Arms Length/The Lockkeeper/I Miss Everyone/When You Sing/Road of Good Intentions/Unblindfold the Referee

Old Futures Gone, Red House Records, 2003 — $15.00


old_futures_gone Dogs & Thunder/Always/Look the Other Way/Trouble & Care Make Them Crazy/Old Future/Lay Me Down/Shapes/Soldier After All/War Makes War/If Not Now/Riverside

The Company You Keep, Red House Records, 2001 — $15.00


company_you_keep What Was That/A Saint’s Complaint/Oh Abraham/When You Walk In/Shape of the World/Morningside/When I Lost My Faith/Joint of No Return/Let Them In/Over There/Hank Senior Moment/Around the House/Wisheries/People My Age

After Yesterday, Red House Records, 1998 — $15.00


after_yesterday When the Ice Goes Out/Thorny Patch/Cypress Trees/Wisdom Silvertown/January Floor/Amber Lee/After YesterdayWhen He Cries/St. Caffeine/Zuly/Heroes

Between 5&7, High Street Records, 1996


Out of print

Lightning’s Blues/Blue Chalk/Can’t Make Up My Mind/The Mortal Groove/My Invisible Gun/Part of Your Own/Two Good Reasons/Airstream Bohemians/ Paradise, Once/Edgar the Party Man/Scraping Dixie

Out of the Valley, High Street Records, 1994


Out of print

Good Noise/That’s Why/Carnival Knowledge/Talk About Love Bigtime Lonesome/Furniture/Mystery to Me/Out of the Valley Thoughtless Behavior/Always Going Home/Flying Red Horse Up Until Then

Temporary Road, High Street Records, 1992


Out of print

Looking Forward/Baby Blues/The Gypsy Life/Vinnie Charles is Free/Gravyland/Temporary Road/All That Hammering/I Don’t Feel Like a Train/When She Kisses Me/Grand Larceny If I Could Forget to Breathe/Can You Understand My Joy? Brown Shirts

Jack’s Crows, High Street Records, 1991 — $15.00



Out of Print

Silence/Treasure Islands/Jack’s Crows/Houses in the Fields The Mercy of the Wheels/Good/Semper Fi/Where the Bottles Break/Night is a Woman/I’m From New Jersey/My New Neighborhood/The Ballad of Jamie Bee/You’re on Your Way

Land of the Bottom Line, Windham Hill Records, 1990 — $15.00



Out of Print

Land of the Bottom Line/Armed with a Broken Heart/Raven in the Storm/The One That Got Away/Full of Life/Stranger in my Driver’s Seat/The Sentinel/Dream Street/Mean Streak/Italian Girls/Jailbirds in the Bighouse/Promnight in Pigtown/I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair/Love is Our Cross to Bear/That’s How Legends are Made

I Know, Red House Records, 1987 — $15.00


I_know Downtown Tonight/Winter Cow/ Blues Palace/Love is Our Cross to Bear/Branching Out/I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair BB King Was Wrong/Heart Upon Demand/I Know/Out of My Mind/Like My Watch/Down in the Milltown

The John Gorka Guitar Collection, Hal Leonard,1997 — Songbook — $20.00

hal_leonard Sheet Music with Tablature for Guitar (digital download only)

Armed with a Broken Heart/Blue Chalk/Blues Palace Branching Out/Can You Understand My Joy?/Flying Red Horse/Good Noise/The Gypsy Life/Heart Upon Demand Houses in the Fields/I Don’t Feel Like a Train/If I Could Forget to Breathe/Land of the Bottom Line/Love is Our Cross to Bear/The Sentinel/Silence/That’s How Legends are Made That’s Why/When She Kisses Me/Where the Bottles Break/I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair