5 Letter Word

This a post from last September. I decided to keep it up a little bit longer. The song is called 5 Letter Word. It is a free download.

Click here to download 5 Letter Word

5 Responses to 5 Letter Word

  • I’m surprised at you making a political song – but then all songs are somewhat political in that they are original and take a stand whether about love or divorce or sad land deals. The song is vague enough not to get you sued, and perhaps can be sung at your concerts for a while. It does have something to teach, and even as another songwriter, I learned a new thing or two. As an American, though, I wonder if we can dislike a man who espouses hate but begs for change and at the same time we show dislike, fear and hatred towards him. We have no idea what EITHER of these people will do when in office. We only assume that Hillary will not start some hideous war. Both are liars and yet the one who shoots from the hip shows you what you will get for president. Remember the Vince Foster case? Yes I like the song.

  • Thank you John!. I have seen you in concert whenever you come near and I love your music!

  • I am not surprised. And I am quite pleased. I have Tweeted and Facebooked and, generally, been evangelical about “Where the Bottles Break,” from ‘Jack’s Crows’ ever since Donald Whatshisname became an especially nasty stain on our country in the past few months. How did we ever get to the point where a not-even-worth-mentioning-his-name one-off line from one of your songs is now only a few moronic percentage points away from the White House? Your prescience from the early 90’s simultaneously impresses me and leaves me depressed.Your artistry and integrity are unequivocally on the good side.

  • Thank you, John, for this free song, and for your gentle wisdom. I will play an open mic on Thursday, offering Where the Bottles Break and maybe Bluer State. Travel well. Hope to catch you live again soon.

  • Thank you for giving voice to what so many of us are thinking out here. Always believed what Dietrich Bonhoeffer said about “silence in the face of evil” being “itself evil”…and that “not to speak is to speak”.
    You tell it true with grace and gentle strength…in such a beautiful way. Everything you do is something special. Please keep them coming.

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