A Hello in August

The people who inspire me are the ones who have done more with less, and have gone farther, with more in their way — John G.

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  • Twenty years ago I ran into a homeless vet soaking in one of the springs along the Big River in Glenwood. He said something I’ve never forgotten:

    ” I’ve done so much with so little for so long that I can do anything with nothing.”

  • Given the quote listed above, I thought you might enjoy seeing this work I do with a large group of sponsors, students and other assorted techno-geeks.

    Would you ever consider participating at a fundraiser for this work?

    See you in October if you do the Titusville, NJ concert.

    I’m taking the liberty of attaching my career blurb, only so you can see how I got into this outreach work in Brazil.

    Many thanks for reading and considering.


    Patricia C. Fletcher
    Cell: +01 (609) 433-6191
    Email: pat.fletcher@comcast.net
    Skype: fletcherp2012

    STEM, Education, Outreach & Business Development Professional seeks to add value to your organization’s initiatives in the areas of social responsibility, community outreach, diversity and inclusion. Particularly interested in organizations with operations in both the US and Brazil, which are fully dedicated to promoting STEM education, and which place outreach priority on at-risk and under-served communities. Extensive product R & D experience in the roles of biochemist, analytical chemist and global field trials manager in the pharmaceutical, animal health and crop protection products industries. NJ standard teaching license with 5+ years full-time experience in grades 6-12 science instruction. FIRST Robotics Volunteer – FRC Parent, FRC Mentor, FLL/FTC/FRC Leagues Judge. LOG NJ Youth Ministries Volunteer. B.Sc., MBA (focus on H/R management & best practices in organizational leadership), Ed.M. science in progress (best practices in grades 6-12 physics instruction). For a deeper look into my training & experiences, please see http://www.linkedin.com/in/patriciafletcher.

  • John,
    I hope you will come back to Atlanta sometime soon! How I love your songs…and you are such a wonderful performer!

  • Afro-fan I wonder since 1977,San Mateo Calif.,South City. Strange life side journeys for a kid from Cleveland,which is like New Jersey, but even more so. imagine that!

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